Jungle Diary

Nepal is a land of extreme contrasts in climate and geography; it has a unique topography ranging from lowlands with sub-tropical jungles to arctic conditions in the Himalayan highlands. Within a mere 150 kilometers the land rises from near sea level in the south to over 8000 meters in the North. This, together with the monsoon rainfall along the south facing slopes, has resulted in compacting virtually all climate zones found on planet Earth. As a result, Nepal has been endowed with a great diversity of life-zones providing a home for a large variety of plants, birds and animals

Nepal serves as one of the best collection of wild life on the planet – From exotic Lophophorus to the elusive Royal Bengali Tiger, and from the endangered One-Horned Rhino to exotic Snow leopard. These are only few to mention as it also has the largest collection of birds and butterflies in the world. Even in an small area of less than 100,000 sq. miles, Nepal not just have the elevation of 70 m to 8,848 m; but a wide variety of wild floras and faunas that is incomparable with any other geographic Nation of the world.

  • Duration 6 Days Days
  • Max. Elevation 1370 m
  • Best Season March, April, May—Sep, Oct, Nov
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  1. Day 1 Arrive Kathmandu
  2. Day 2 Fly to Chitwan / Jungle Activities at Chitwan National park
  3. Day 3 Jungle Activities at Chitwan National park
  4. Day 4 Drive to Kathmandu
  5. Day 5 Departure