Ultra Light Flight

It offers panoramic views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu Himalayan range, lakes, villages, spectacular mountains, picturesque landscape etc.  Ultra light aircraft flight was introduced in Nepal in 1996 and has been offering Ultra light aircraft flight in and around Pokhara city.

Highlights of Ultralight aircraft are breathtaking bird’s eye view of Pokhara Valley Himalayan range and the surrounding mountains. Basically ultra light flights are operated in the morning from sunrise till 11am and from 3pm till sunset in the months from September through June. Ultra light flight is a quiet and peaceful experience without fear, floating comfortably in the clouds. You will fly above the twisty rivers, breathtaking valleys, ancient, culturally rich, diverse villages, dense forests and the Himalayan range.


  • Best Season March, April, May—Sep, Oct, Nov
  • Difficulty Level Easy